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Language can be spoken either by words or by the body.Both media are
powerful tools for expressing ourselves. How we use language says a great
deal about our thoughts and our intent. Some of us talk a lot and say nothing,
while others say nothing and speak volumes. Language is our communication
with our world and even if we use someone else’s words, we should make
them ours before we use them.

Language is a precious gift that you may take for granted. Your words and
actions are your own interpretation of any situation, and that’s all the control
you have. How they are received or understood by the recipient is beyond
your control. So, use your language wisely and well.



The world can enslave our body but, most times, it cannot incarcerate the
mind. If this were not true, many people who were imprisoned for long
periods of time would never have survived their ordeal. So often we hear
stories of how their imagination took flight and transported them to a better
place and time – and that is what sustained them.

The enslavement of your mind robs you of spiritual growth and hope. You
are the master of what you think. You have the authority to grant permission
for your mind to be free. If things are difficult for you now, imagine and
believe that this difficulty too shall pass. Hope is the springboard to freedom
and the key to a healthy mind.


Life 2

It’s not easy when everything is wrong in your life to think that this
‘god-awful’ life has a purpose, either for you or the energy that created you.
The important thing to realise is that bad things happen to all of us and the
way to take control is to make bad times a part of our learning experience. If
we seek, we will find a purpose—even for situations that we would have
preferred not to experience. This experience becomes more valuable if it’s
used to improve the quality of one’s life.

Finding a reason for why life is going in the direction that it is, brings far
more satisfaction than just sitting and complaining. You are an active
participant in the direction your life has gone, whether consciously or
unconsciously. You will not solve all your problems, but if you at least
understand how you arrived where you are, then you are now on the ladder
that leads to accepting and understanding your life.