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The Journey

In our early years each of us chooses, consciously or not, a path along
which to walk our life’s journey. We have no idea of where this path will
lead. We acquire fellow travellers (friends) who may walk with us for
many years. Some hope that God (“Jah”) is on that path with them while
others, who are independent, figure they will manage just fine on their
own. As we mature, we understand that we need each other more, and
we need the love and guidance of the Creator even more. Further into
the life journey friends become more and more important, and it’s
difficult to distinguish between friend and family. Finally, we get to an
age where our life is filled with people whom we have loved, and who
have loved us, for a very long time and who are there for us in times of

Is this life one that you’ve made, or did it just happen by chance? If you
are honest you will admit that life is what you make it, even if you
started it without a plan. Did “Jah” (God) walk with you? Surely you’re
not misguided enough to think you did this all by yourself! Whether life
has been good or bad, you must concede you had lots of help to get
where you are now. You can choose to call the source of that help by any
name you prefer.



If we reflect on our own knowledge we see that questions are like a
house of cards, each supporting another, and as we pull on one, the
whole configuration changes or collapses altogether. Learning occurs
throughout our lives, and as we learn we grow and change our
perspective. With age and wisdom we discover that for each piece of
knowledge we acquire, new questions emerge. This then stimulates new
thought, and on and on. In current times the Internet has highlighted
how much information there really is and has made so much more of it
accessible. However, there is a limit to how much we need to know, or
can absorb. Let’s hope we are wise enough to know we don’t have the
answer to everything, nor do we need to.