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There are very few things in life more discouraging than rejection. Yet, who
ever said that acceptance was the only sure sign of success? There are times
when it is this lack of acceptance of our ideas, words or deeds that jolts us into
action that proves our capacity and ability.

You shouldn’t allow the opinion (the rejection) of one person to define who
you are or what you are capable of doing. Use the rejection as fuel to energise
your determination to succeed. It is likely that this rejection was just what you
needed to jump-start your motor. Take the time to examine the reason for the
rejection; use the valuable parts and discard the rest. Move on to the next
phase of your development with the knowledge that nobody gets what they
want all the time.



Given the choice, most of us would prefer a life free from discord. Whether we
like it or not, no one can go through life without some sort of confrontation or
difference of opinion. The people who interact with us become our adversaries
at some point in the relationship. Some of us like the fight, just to feel the passion
that can come into play as the battle intensifies. Some battles become so intense
that the emotional scars last a lifetime, whether we have won or lost. No one can
win at battles every time, so defeat and victory are both included in the packages
that we carry with us through life.

When you are prepared to fight and defend the things you believe in, you
make a credible candidate for spiritual growth. You need to believe in some
power higher than yourself and be prepared to be a soldier in any army that
defends the basic rule of a good life: treat others in the way you would like
to be treated. With that kind of commitment, you would be helping to make
the world a better place.



At times we feel as if the situation we are in is too difficult, and that life
provides us with no cushion to cope. Yet, all the coping mechanisms we need
can be found either within us or in the words and reactions of people around
us. No one is immune to the dark forces of hopelessness and depression, but
how we handle them determines whether we continue to feel helpless in the
wake of our difficulties or seek help from a power much stronger than
Life often seems so discouraging, that merely surviving seems like the only
success we can ever hope for. It could be a lot easier with a faith anchored in
God. In the difficult times, that faith provides you with comfort in the
knowledge that your pain is a shared one. Nothing is more immobilising than
hopelessness; but nothing is more energising than faith, supported by hope
and creative thinking. There is always a solution. You just need to look in the
right direction.


Friendship 2

A true friendship is a precious relationship that defies understanding. People
who seemingly have little in common can form bonds of friendship that last
a lifetime. It is within this relationship that confidences are revealed and one’s
soul is exposed in the most vulnerable way. Many people have been
unfortunate in making enemies as well on their journey through life. Enemies
have the advantage of dealing with us without the constraints of loving or
caring. Their ‘truth’ carries no responsibility for our emotional reaction.
Friends, by contrast, are much more careful about ‘telling it like it is.’ Their
concern and love influence what they say or do. In fact, our enemies know far
less about us and so our secrets are generally safe from them. It is our friends
who know our secrets, our weaknesses, and our vulnerabilities. They have all
the weapons to hurt us.

Your enemy could be your best friend, as he or she tells you the unvarnished
truth. Your friend could be your worst enemy, by sparing you the hard, cold
facts. It may cross your mind from time to time that the enemy’s criticism is
easier to bear, as you are unlikely to be as bruised by it. A good and lasting
friendship, one in which the hard truths are told in a spirit of love, is indeed
a source of great blessing and joy – a marvellous antidote to the enemies that
cross your path from time to time.

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