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Who are you?

There is probably none among us who has not wondered at the
complexity of the total person that we are. Our essential parts – spirit,
mind and body – were put together by a Creator who, obviously, did not
believe in simplicity. We emerged as a reservoir of diverse emotions that
allow us to play different roles, in our own lives and in the lives of all
who interact with us. It’s truly amazing that we are comfortable with this
host of roles. The fact that more of us don’t go crazy just getting
through an ordinary day is, indeed, a major achievement. We may play
our various roles – as mother/father, sister/brother, lover/friend,
husband/wife, and so on – all within the same hour. Our modern world
has a label for doing several things at the same time: multi-tasking; but
surely this is a lot more than that. Who are you, anyway?



From the moment of inception, to our death, life
is an exercise in growing and changing. There comes a time when our
growth stops, but our physical and mental changes continue until the day
we die. We are often impressed by someone who has ‘got it together,’ but
we sometimes forget that success does not happen in an instant. Life is
a process, and each experience changes us and moulds us into the
people we become. So, envy and despair are certainly not what we need
on this journey through life. We need to be diligent in guarding against
any influence that might derail our maturation process – spiritual as well
as physical. Within the bounds of what is realistic, we have the potential
to become anything we want to be.



Sometimes we feel we can never do enough to compensate for the
damage caused by our mistake. For those of us trying to do right, after
the fact, it does not help if our wrongs are the recurring theme of every
conversation. If the price for redressing the injury gets too high, we may
make little or no effort to repair the damage. Each of us may respond
differently, yet we may be less defensive if we feel we are getting some
understanding and forgiveness. Yet, if we are lucky enough to be
embraced by a heart willing to forgive, we should accept the gift
graciously and pray for strength to avoid a repeat performance of our
bad behaviour.

Like the rest of us, you have a need to be forgiven at some point. Don’t
be fooled into believing that you can’t forgive if you can’t forget.
Forgiving does much more for the one who forgives than for the one
who is forgiven. So, even if you are selfish and right, forgive; it does you
so much good. To hold accountable someone who has done you wrong
is one thing; requiring them to pay for the rest of their life is quite

Take only as much as you need for your healing!


New Paths

We are not sheep, and it is necessary for some of us to make our own
paths through the unmapped territories of life. Not all of us are
comfortable staying only on the course that has been trodden before. It’s
refreshing to see the pioneer spirit emerge and make the adjustments as
we go along. A brave spirit branches out and thinks creatively and
differently from all the other explorers that have gone before. This
brings an element of excitement, as we are never sure just what is going
to confront us around the next bend. Doing the same thing every day
ensures a really boring existence for such people. Nothing is essentially
wrong with routine, but monotony is a different matter; and even if
something is routine, a little change can ease the monotony. When we
were created, our Creator’s intent must have been that we would behave
differently and so have varied experiences. It’s good to use paths or rules
in life that have worked well, but since our brain never stops thinking and
creating, innovations are as natural as breathing.

Tried and true is not the only path for you.

March 2010
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