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Easter is the holiest time of year for Christians all over the world, and many use this time to reflect on the relationship between God and us, flawed humans. If there were nothing wrong with any of us–that is, were we whole and perfect, without ‘cracks’–would we even need God? We are increasingly less self-sufficient and have become more dependent on each other for our survival. As our independence decreases, the cracks (flaws) in us become more obvious.Our clever Creator must have had a hand in this plan, where our needs can only be met if we connect with each other in some way. Our ‘cracked’ state also ensures that we will always have need for a relationship with God. Could it be that our dependence on God has a shade of mutuality, as God needs to be in our lives just as we need God in ours? This thought is arguably controversial, as we have been led to believe that the need for a relationship between God and us flows only in one direction. What, or whom, would God advise, care for or protect, if we didn’t exist?
Have a ‘reflective’ Easter!



Somewhere in our erroneous thinking, we believe that with our
‘superior’ intellect, electronic and scientific achievements, we can solve
most of the problems that exist in our world. There comes a point,
though, when we must admit that, despite our best efforts, there are
things in life that we can neither understand nor solve. If most of us
have trouble solving family and personal squabbles, it stands to reason
that we are far less capable of resolving the bigger issues between the
many different peoples that share this planet. Still, we should not be
discouraged when we don’t arrive at a solution, as any contribution we
make could be instrumental in someone else’s eventual success.

Don’t be disheartened, if it seems sometimes that behind every
solution lurks a new problem. Even if your small effort toward solving
any problem gives you no personal satisfaction, it brings the final
solution one step closer. As you take one day at a time, so be encouraged
by one step at a time. If you are unable to bring a project to completion,
in spite of your best efforts, you may decide that you have spent enough
of your time and energy, and it’s time to move on to something else.
There’s nothing wrong with that decision.


Faith 2

When we live our lives with negativity, feeling as if our life is cursed,
it’s difficult for us and for those around us. Those who care to help us,
feel helpless as we lock ourselves into a position that has no retreat
strategy. The belief that we have no control, or that we function at the
whim of luck, is a sad philosophy to live by. This also squanders many
of the options our faith built into our survival kit. It displays a total lack
of gratitude for the many opportunities that encourage change in our
miserable status. How can we really ever get out of the pit of despair if
we believe we deserve to stay there?


Bad Choices

What is it about some of us, that drives us to continue making the same
bad choices over and over again? We fall in love again and again with
persons who have the same character flaws as the last one we left (or
who left us). There comes a point in a relationship when we discover that
it’s not working out. Changes need to be made, and we ought to seek
some other criteria for selecting the person who becomes our partner.
Our friends usually observe our mistakes, but that is of little help if we
are in denial about heading down the same wrong path again.
You may have the best intentions but, if they are based on poor
choices, your results could be grievous. Next time pay attention to the
road you are taking. If your friends love you and want what’s best for
you, respect their insights and consider them as youmake your decisions.
Until you truly see your mistakes as just that, you are unlikely to believe
you need to behave differently.

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