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It doesn’t take much imagination to feel threatened by the reality that
we are all going to die; we’re just not sure when it will occur. Death is
disturbing, and we feel sad even at the funeral of someone who had no
meaningful part in our life. It’s hardly ever welcome, even if we have
been praying for it. Death evokes a feeling of finality that even our faith
has a hard time dispelling. Life, by contrast, has an unending feel to it,
even though we know this is an illusion. It can’t be only because death is
unknown, because there are many other aspects of our existence that
remain a mystery, yet we have no fear of those. We must attempt to
overcome the fear of death, and replace it with a belief system that
offers us some credit for any good we do in this life.



It’s really difficult to comprehend the genius of God who can create a
world so full of contrasts that, minute by minute, we can be changed by
our thoughts as they run the gamut from horrible and wicked to good
and pure. If we are, in fact, the sum total of all our thoughts, then we are
very complicated individuals; that would help explain our capacity for
actions that do not conform to any one pattern of behaviour. Out of our
mouths come filthy words one minute, and the next minute we are in
praise of our Creator. We hurt the people we love and those who love
us, with equal carelessness of thought and action. We destroy our bodies
and lives with the food we eat and the toxic relationships we create. And
yet, we also create such beauty in our art and music, as well as kindness
and thoughtfulness for our fellow humans. To say that we are
contradictions is indeed an understatement.



What you think about a person, or what they have done, affects how
you react to them. If you control what you think you can control the way
you feel. Do you really want someone else to regulate your feelings,
especially someone who is really insignificant in your life? No one can
sustain an angry confrontation with you unless you provide the fuel to
sustain that anger. Try this new resolution: “Only God and I will control
my emotional repertoire.” This is not an easy goal to achieve, as we seem
to be pre-programmed to be angry when confronted by anger. However,
it’s really energizing when you resist the temptation to allow someone
else to decide your emotional state.


Cold is not Cool

We are all quite different in all aspects of how we look, behave or what
we believe. It’s important that we remain true to who we are. We
appreciate a cool head when all others are in a state of confusion, yet
some of us have taken being cool to a level where it differs little from
being cold. It may be that we need to stay emotionally detached so as to
protect ourselves from unnecessary hurt or pain. However, those on the
receiving end of this behaviour may have little understanding of the
impassivity, and may become disturbed by their own inability to conceal
their emotions.
If you are one of these people who keep their emotions always on a
tight rein, it may be good public relations to allow others to see you from
another perspective, even occasionally. You could show them that you do
have all the normal emotions exhibited in the natural process of living.
You could be viewed quite differently if you allowed your guard to go
off duty sometimes.

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