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Some of us would not recognize reality, if it jumped up and bit us on
the butt. It’s a state that requires us to see ourselves just as we are, and
others just as they are. Reality leaves no room for us to see things as we
would prefer them to be. It can be a painful experience to look into our
souls and see the truth of who we are, what we believe, and what we
truly represent. No one of us is perfect, and honestly acknowledging our
failures or shortcomings can be very discouraging. The rules of life are
difficult to follow, calling for vigilance and purposefulness that increase
our levels of stress. We need to be making constant adjustments in our
life, as nothing remains the same from day to day. We shouldn’t be too
hard on ourselves, and as long as we stick to an improvement plan we are
well on our way to getting it right.
You cannot remain in a constant state of reality, as this induces
unbearable stress. Make room for imagination and thoughts of things
hoped for. Mix this with a faith that encourages the possibility of
achieving even some of your wildest dreams. There is a difference
between being realistic and staying focused on reality; it’s the latter you
need to be careful about. If your reality is too distressing, give yourself
a break – dream.



Lucky You?

Is it possible that our luck in life is determined by our
willingness/unwillingness to embrace opportunities? If we believe
anything long enough it becomes our reality. We are either positive or
negative about how lucky we are. If we believe life’s fortunes are stacked
in our favour, this goes a long way in making that belief become true.
External forces influence us, but whatever we think we deserve, is of
greater influence in the way our life evolves. Regardless of what the
world thinks of us, if we think nothing of ourselves, that’s just what life
gives us in return – nothing. We may have wondered how so many
persons born of humble circumstances can achieve so much, while
others with so much opportunity achieve so little. Could this really be
purely because of luck? It’s more likely that our determination to
succeed, and the utilisation of every opportunity we get, are what make
the real difference between those who are ‘lucky’ and those who are not.



It’s natural to be unhappy in defeat, as losing makes us feel like failures
– we all want to win. If we stop to examine that thought, we should
determine that it’s unrealistic to expect to go through life undefeated by
anything or anyone. The important thing is the effect the experience of
failure has on us. The ‘blues’ brought on by failure or loss, are almost
certain to make us despondent. Interestingly, they are also often agents for
stimulating creativity; many of the great lyrics we enjoy have been
crafted within the depths of a songwriter’s blues. Without the blues,
would they have been as creative?

It takes effort and hard work to resist the blues’ attempt at changing
the colour of your feelings or your ability to function. Make sure that
you, and not your mood, are in charge of your emotional state. However,
it’s pointless pretending that any of this is easy. The longer the blues
remain, the stronger their influence, and the longer the time you will
need to become ‘blues-less.’ Grab hold of the belief that you are going
to win this round. Knock the blues out of your system, unless it’s giving
you insight and energy you never dreamed possible.

How long you stay blue is up to you.


Listen up

What we hear is often influenced by bits of information already in our
brain. As we sit on a train and listen for the stops being announced, the
loudspeaker emits a garbled message that’s understood only by those
who already know what stops are ahead. Likewise, it’s easier for others to
understand us when they are already familiar with either the way we
speak, or the subject matter. Hearing and listening are two distinct
functions. No effort is required to hear, while listening requires that we
pay attention. Listening to God is no different, as that often requires
more than just hearing. It’s no wonder some people say they never hear
from God. So often we hear but, because we’re not listening, we miss the
true meaning and end up with a message that is far from accurate.Worse,
at times we miss the message altogether.



“Ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?”

When the little creature in the Lord of the Rings trilogy spoke of “The
Precious,” he could have been thinking of one of the most valuable
experiences we humans share: friendship. Like all things of value,
maintaining a great friendship calls for hard work. It forces us to be as
careful with another person’s feelings as we are with our own. As we
build a friendship over many years, it calls for a level of dedication that
few of us are prepared to give. Yet, those who are prepared for the
sacrifices a friendship could demand, reap joy untold.
Attempt to resolve your disagreements with healthy discussion rather
than arguments. Leave room within your friendship for independent
opinions and other friendships that have nothing to do with you. Keep
jealousy at bay. Promote trust and love at all times. We’re all human, and
at some point there’s something wrong with each of us! Forgiveness is
key. True friendship is bigger than the problems that could threaten its

A friend is a valuable asset.

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