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It’s said that there are no mistakes in life, but when we are on the
receiving end of some horrible mishap, the last thing we need to hear is
that brand of philosophy. So many of the lessons we learn in life are
from either our own mistakes or those of the people around us.
Although many of us acquire our knowledge through positive
reinforcement, few of us forget the shame or humiliation that often
accompanies mistakes. The lessons learned in those moments are seldom
forgotten. Whether you view mistakes in a positive or a negative light is
of little importance. The important fact is that there is much to be
learned, whether we can come to accept that or not. The benefits we can
gain from our mistakes make us wonder if we misunderstood their
purpose in our lives, and that their primary function is to teach.



We look in the mirror, and how we see ourselves is a reflection of how
we think we look. This is not necessarily the way others would see us if
they looked in the mirror at the same time. If we could see through the
eyes of another person we would probably see the same things they do.
However, this is not likely, as each of us brings different factors for
interpreting what we see. This is similar to each of us having a different
interpretation of what we hear. We project our own thoughts on to
words and change their meaning in the most fascinating ways. We are
truly limited by our experiences, and how we interpret or relate to our
world is a reflection of our personal and cultural perspectives.


New Beginnings

As we struggle to get awake in the morning, we may wish we could go
back to sleep for a few more hours. But as we become more awake we
are aware that this is a new chance to fix things that went wrong
yesterday. Better still, if the sun is peeping through our window, we can
smile and believe there will be light to guide us, and a good chance that
the weather will cooperate with us today. Most of us reach out to a
Superior Being for guidance at the start of our day, whether it’s through
a formal prayer or just a ‘wish list.’
If you are unable to feel the joy of living as you awaken to a new day,
try this: Pretend for a moment that this is the last day before your death.
Suddenly, all of life becomes precious. Your energy miraculously
increases, your ‘to do’ list gets prioritized really quickly, and you are
raring to go. If the thought of this as your final day is unable to energize
you to appreciate life, then you are sorely in need of a joy jolt from your
Higher Power. Reach out and plug into the Source.



All of us have made mistakes, and felt the embarrassing sting of sand
on our face as we are called upon to explain our behaviour. It’s
particularly upsetting when this mistake is made within a relationship,
and concerns the inappropriate use of our body or heart. The wrong
can’t be undone, but how we react when called to account for it, can
make or break our day. Should we attack, or wait to be attacked? Offer
some lame excuse, or respond truthfully (even if it’s unlikely that the
truth will carry any weight)? Do we kneel and grovel, or be bold and
bluff our way into an exit strategy? Do we beg forgiveness of the one
who is offended, or do we transfer blame to some previous ‘offence’ they
committed? The ways we can handle our mistakes are almost as many as
the grains of sand we felt on our face.



It must be horrible to feel that we are so unwanted that nobody even
wants to touch us. It’s difficult to comprehend such pain and aloneness.
There are people who are so fearful of illness that they will not touch
another who they fear, unreasonably, will contaminate them. Where is
our humanity? A touch is not necessarily a physical act – the telephone
systems have been telling us for some time how to “reach out and
touch.” Are we so centred in self that we can’t stretch ourselves to touch,
even with a smile? We must find ways to touch those in our society who
long for some sort of recognition that they exist, and that we recognize
their right to be here.

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