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It is an ancient fallacy that shedding tears is a characteristic of the female
psyche. The fact is, tears are really a part of our humanness, not a feature of
gender. Crying, which provides many benefits for our emotional state, causes
us to experience relief and brings us back to a place of balance. Tears
sometimes come when we least expect them, and when this happens they
are probably flowing straight from our soul.

Tears do not need your permission to come to the surface, but you must use
your tears for something worthwhile. Even if they flow spontaneously, use
them to alleviate your pain, soothe your soul, or lift your spirit. Try to identify
the source or reason for your tears, so that the next time tears come, you will
be better able to understand their connection to your problems.


Be Yourself

When we are dissatisfied with who we are we behave in ways that are alien to
our true selves. It is sad that we can be feeling on top of the world, then have
our confidence punctured by an offhanded comment from a total stranger.
As self-confident as some of us are, a note of criticism can have a disastrous effect.
Sometimes we strike back in anger or we begin to change our personality,
hoping that will shield us from further criticism in the future.Somehow we seem
unable to insulate ourselves from the damage that criticism can do to our self-esteem.

You should not squander the opportunity to learn from others, even if it comes
with a hefty price tag. Don’t be afraid to stand your ground when you have
the conviction of your own opinions; express them. It has been said that “if
you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything.” You have spent a
great deal of time creating ‘you.’ You may be similar to someone else, but
you are not exactly the same. Celebrate your one-of-a-kind ‘personhood.’
You are much too important to put your ongoing development into the hands of
another person. That person does not have to live in your skin – you do! The
best way to be in harmony with yourself is to like yourself, then to keep
tweaking the person you are until you get it tuned just right.



There is the belief that all lives are journeys with a series of tests. If we don’t
get our facts right we have to repeat the test – that is, we live more lives until
we get it right. Some of us continue to make the same mistakes over and over
again, as if we are incapable of ever getting it right. There is also the belief
that the good people who live among us are here to show us how to live;
they seem to have knowledge to impart, as if they have been through life
before. In this life, strife is just one of the negative components of
relationships. Strife causes disruption in the flow of peace and tranquility in
one’s life. Anger, mistrust and pain are also results of living with strife. Strife
breaks up relationships, and the level of dislocation caused by it is directly
related to how we deal with it.

Always focus on the fact that life’s difficulties are influenced more by your
attitude than by the problems themselves. You need to control your attitude
before it takes control of you. The same is true of strife – how you respond to
it determines if there is going to be a confrontation or a discussion, a fight or
a compromise. The ‘judge’ who will evaluate how you have lived your life
would definitely prefer that each ‘strife experience’ be a ‘life experience.’ Live
this life you now have in peace and love; who knows…maybe there is no
‘second chance.’



Peace is an element that has a priceless quality in one’s life. When there is
dissension and strife at home, we find that the other areas of life are severely
compromised. It is not easy to leave the stress and confusion at home when
we leave for work. Conversely, regardless of how badly things go at work,
coming home to peace and love is like balm for a bruised soul. Stability at
home gives us the strength and energy to face whatever destabilising forces
exist in the other areas of our life.

In the midst of personal stress you so long for peace that any other dwelling
seems like a better place to be. Stress brought on by confusion in your life
affects both your mental and physical health. Remember, it is not that the
other person is disturbing your peace – it is that you have allowed him or her
to do so. It may not be necessary to leave your home in order to find peace,
but you must address the disharmony that shattered your peace in the first

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