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Start Walking Again

Sometimes it seems that life is all about stumbling over rocks. How we treat
these ‘rocks’ is what really defines whether we win or lose in this game of
life. A ‘rock’ could be considered as a barrier on the path or as a challenge to
be more creative in the way you approach obstacles. Success in life calls for
determination, in spite of how rocky the path may be. It also demands that
you negotiate the obstruction (‘rocks’) that get in the way of your progress.
Stumbling and seeing the situation from that lowly viewpoint are important
learning exercises in your life-growth.



If we accept that people are the face they present to the world, we are denying
the complexity of human beings. Do we judge each other incorrectly by a
formula that’s too simple? We are all capable of pretence, not just to be
deceptive – sometimes it is a way of maintaining a mystique until we are ready
to show a different aspect of ourselves. We could present on the outside as
calm and cool, when we are in fact struggling to keep a lid on the volcano
about to erupt inside us. Surprisingly, we never seem to be ‘volcanic’ on the
outside if all is at peace on the inside. We humans are so individual that few
truths can be applied to us universally. We often show the world what we
assume they want to see.

Being proficient at masking what you are really feeling is fine, as long as the
‘act’ does not distort your awareness of your true self. The key is to balance
your knowledge of what you really are and what your core values represent.
Whatever you choose to hide or to project is up to you. You may choose to
hide your true self from the world, but do remember that you can’t stay
hidden forever. Make sure you know the difference between your true self
and the self you show the world – if, in reality, there is a difference between
the two.


Know Right from Wrong

From time to time mortals have been chosen by God to be spiritual guides for
the rest of humanity. As we review biblical stories, it seems that individuals
of both strong and weak moral fibre have been chosen to lead at various times
throughout history. Yet, it is a sad commentary on our society that some of
those who are there for our protection become the ones from whom we need
to be protected. They distort the truth for their own selfish reasons and pass
it on to the rest of us as fact. Lying destroys trust in any relationship, be it
physical or spiritual. It matters little whether the ‘preacher’ comes from the
church or from the political arena. If we believe the messenger is faulty, then
we believe the message and its source to be faulty as well. The abuse of trust
can make one’s thoughts violent enough to call for the destruction of any
system that upholds lies.

Harmonise your life choices with your beliefs and trust that you will know the
difference between right and wrong, truth and fiction. If you believe in the
Universal Presence that is much greater than yourself, it will help you to
discern where truth lies. Do not discard the messages you receive until you
have checked them carefully, as it would be unwise to dismiss them simply
because you believe the messenger to be untrustworthy.

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