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Know Yourself

Some people say that “finger was made to point outward.” One of the most
difficult things in life is to look within ourselves and see truth. We are all
‘experts’ on how to fix other people, but it takes courage to look into our own
faults, recognise them for what they are, and make an effort to change for the

To be content, you must take control of your life as best you can, so that you
can take it in the direction of your choice. Whatever you decide, make it work
for you and the world will just have to make its own adjustment. You were not
put on earth to please everyone; however, you have a responsibility to be
considerate of others. Chart the course of your life and maximise the resources
you have been fortunate to receive



We really can’t take it with us when we depart this life. The comment has
often been made in jest, that there are no U-Haul trucks following any funeral
procession. So why then do so many people spend countless dollars on
material things while their souls go hungry for nourishment? One would think
this world is our permanent home and death is not a part of this plan. We
know this for sure, though: we are born, we live, and then we die! So it seems
we should make some sort of preparation for what happens next. Money
certainly does not guarantee happiness, but no doubt it is better to be
miserable with it than without it. It is futile to crave riches, without taking the
time to define what being ‘rich’ means. Being rich is a state of mind. We may
already be rich without realising it, if our definition of rich is not confined to
our financial status. We are already rich if we have health, faith and hope for
our tomorrows.

It is just as possible for you to be joyful with empty pockets, as to be unhappy
with money in the bank. Do not confuse your material life with your spiritual
one – there is no doubt about which is the more enduring of the two. Nurture
the spirit that lives in you with positive thoughts so that all areas of your life
may be enriched. Be appreciative of whatever status you now enjoy; it could
be a lot worse.


Be Grateful

We say it so often: “Life is short.” But, how many of us live our lives as if we
really believe it is short? If we did, would we waste our time on petty
jealousies, and hunger for material stuff that does little to nourish our soul?
There comes a point at which we realise that the acquisition of one more
material item is not going to make any difference to our happiness. We get
so upset over minor incidents on a daily basis, when our time could be better
spent with a loved one or appreciating the beauty of this world we have been
so privileged to call home. “Home!” How lucky we are to have one when so
many others are homeless. This abundance that exists in North America has
made us forget, from time to time, that others in the rest of the world are not
as fortunate.

You must be more aware of the gifts that this life has given to you. Always
remember the importance of the lives you have touched and those that have
touched yours. Even the most unfortunate person can find something for
which to be grateful. When you recognise that you do have something to be
grateful for, it lifts your soul and allows you to see so much more in your life
that you can feel good about. You need to use your blessings as the
medication to ease your pain. Gratitude fosters generosity, which encourages
more gratitude, thus creating a self-perpetuating cycle of positive actions. Be
grateful always, as it is the key that opens the door to more of God’s gifts.


Look Beyond The Cloud

There is no doubt that the presence of light in any aspect of our life is far more uplifting than the presence of darkness. If one views life through dark lenses, even things that are good may be distorted by negativity. Dark clouds are usually perceived as negative and depressing, yet they foretell the advent of rain, which is so vital for sustaining life. Many visually-impaired people attest to the fact that their blindness is responsible for their heightened ability to ‘see,’ using their other senses. Nothing should be viewed as one-dimensional; everything has an up-side.

With hope and positive thinking, you can keep despair and depression at bay.
Make an effort to associate with people or events that assist you to see that
there is light beyond the dark clouds. For things to get better for you, you
have to believe that they will. Belief in a Universal Presence is a wonderful way
to ensure this positive perspective on life.

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