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We can feel it. We can be touched by it. We can hear it, see it, die from
lack of it, or be revived by it, as if it were a wonder drug. It can make us
cry or laugh, depending on whether we have lost it or found it. We can
share it without any strings attached, or make it the biggest commitment
of our life. It invades our space and changes us in ways we never thought
possible. It has survived in areas where most other things would have
perished. It makes us kind and gentle, and encourages us to put
another’s interest ahead of our own. It has ruined many a plan, and
confused millions who thought their head was in the right place. It needs
freedom to thrive, and doesn’t like being held hostage by jealousy. It can
last a very long time, or be over in an instant. It’s certainly not all good
and will get us in trouble, as we sometimes “let our hearts rule our
heads,” when only a rational mind should be making decisions.

You could weep bitterly at the loss of one you loved dearly, yet have
the resilience to fall just as deeply for another within a very short time.
Is love really the Master Plan, or is it in fact The Master’s Plan?

Let love reign!


Being Different

Many people have the fault of wanting to “fix” others. Finding fault is a major business, and many are insensitive to the fact that some ‘dysfunctional’ people are satisfied with themselves just the way they are. By the strict standards of judging behaviour in modern society, very few of us can escape the label of strange or unconventional. Yet, if we manage to earn a living and support ourselves as well as being relatively happy most of the time, does it really matter if we do not fit into a particular personality category? It’s wonderful that in a world with billions of people, no two of us are exactly alike.

Your uniqueness is to be guarded, as long as you are causing no harm to either yourself or anyone else. You have to be comfortable in your own skin before you can expect the world to be relaxed with you. Do not surrender your right to be different, if that is indeed the essence of who you really are. You have the right to be whoever you want to be.




There are many faces to pride, and some of them are good for us while others lead us far away from our spiritual path.. Pride causes us to shut ourselves off from even those we love dearly, just so that we can get the upper hand and make them ‘pay’ for hurting us, whether it was intentional or not. Pride even causes us to paint ourselves into corners from which there is no easy escape. And yet, pride also makes us do the best with our skills and talents, so that we may feel good about our achievements. We need to acknowledge the contrasting faces of pride and use the positive aspects to improve ourselves.


Love Yourself

It must be distressing to look in the mirror and observe that the person we are looking at is one we don’t like one bit!  People who feel like that walk among us every day, and pretend that life is just fine. Well, ‘fine’ it’s not!  Love of self is the cornerstone on which we build all our other relationships of love.  Maybe we were never taught to love in the first place; or, perhaps, instead of growing up in a nurturing environment, we were exposed to one in which we had neither power nor value.  For those of us who love ourselves it’s not because we believe we are without blemish; it’s because we have decided to concentrate on the positive aspects of ourselves, while we work to repair the other parts.

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