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“And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.” Thanks to Thomas
Edison’s invention, we who live in the Western World still have light even if
the sun does not shine. Light take several forms and influences many things,
including our knowledge, moods and health. Each source of light can be
applied to a particular form of darkness, whether that darkness is physical or
spiritual. When we make our lights brighter, others have a better chance of
seeing where they need to go and what they need to do. Many are in despair,
and a ray of hope could make a big difference. If there is light in our life we
should not hide it in a closet, but share it with as many people as we can.

From those to whom much is given, much is expected in return. Sharing is
really not that difficult, especially when you recognise the magical quality of
this act. The magic of sharing is that you receive more than you give, so you
can keep on giving without fear of having less. When you give your material
‘stuff’ away, you will be amazed at how much you are blessed in return. You
have a responsibility to share your light with anyone who has had to live in a
world of darkness. Whatever form your light takes, it is never diminished by
sharing; it miraculously burns only more brightly.



The decision to disturb one’s neighbour is not usually viewed as a positive act,
especially from the neighbour’s point of view. Disturbances, like anything else,
have both positive and negative aspects. To be disturbed by noise, when sleep
is essential, has a different connotation to being disturbed because there is
danger present. We could also think of a disturbance as a wake-up call to
view our lives and those of our neighbours from a different perspective. Many
of us are unaware of, or unconcerned about, the misery of those around us.
We need to be more compassionate to others and less centered on self. So
much good can be accomplished by a few, if we believe that the solutions to
the problems around us are a part of our responsibility.

Giving – whether of yourself, your money, or your talents – is all that is asked
of you as a good neighbour. Be unselfish with whatever gifts you have
received, and if you can ‘disturb’ your fellowman into thinking like you, then
that’s giving a whole new meaning to the word disturb.


Born Equal?

At birth, each of us is given a blank page, and the life story we write on that
page is entirely up to us. We are certainly not all born equal, nor do we have
equal opportunities. Where equality comes into this, is that we each have the
right to use or reject each opportunity that presents itself. If we treat each
opportunity as special and useful, rather than wait for the ‘right’ time, it is
amazing how much we are able to decide our own future.

Each past experience has contributed to the person you are today. You must
take responsibility for those experiences you have allowed to have greater
impact on you. You are who you are in spite of life and not because of it. You
are the author of your life story. If anyone controls the direction your life takes,
more than you do, it is because you gave them permission, whether actively
or passively. Like it or not, the responsibility remains with you.


Right and Wrong

We all have a right to live our lives in whatever manner we see fit. It’s wrong, however, to force anyone else to live their life governed by our personal set of rules and regulations. It is every person’s right to perceive and worship God in the way they choose; it is wrong of them to think that they have all the answers. We all have the right to fabricate our own truth, but it is wrong to insist it be someone else’s truth as well. It is our right to live for ourselves alone, but it is not wrong when the world returns the favour. It is our right to seek to be free; it is not wrong when we are asked to pay the price.

It is your right to be different from everyone else; it is wrong if you are that way just to be offensive. It is your right to be proud of your achievements; it is wrong if you feel no humility. It is your right to think your actions have no impact on the rest of us; you are wrong—you are not an isolated thread, you are a strand in life’s fabric. It is your right to be judgmental of other people’s behaviour; it is wrong not to acknowledge their right to judge you too. It is your right to ignore the opportunities that come your way; it is wrong to blame the world for the outcome of your own shortsightedness. It is your right to make bad decisions; it is wrong to believe you will have enough time to redress them all. It is wrong for you not to give thanks for your blessings in life; they are gifts to which you have no right.

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