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Second Chance

This is a new day; let’s give thanks for that. We have an opportunity to
fix some of the things that went wrong for us, a chance to get it right
today. There’s no guarantee that we will get it right this time, but there is
hope now because another opportunity has been presented. Yet, many
of us need more than just one more chance, and we get frustrated by our
efforts that seem to bear so little fruit. Scripture encourages us to
forgive many times over, and we need to apply that to ourselves as well
as to others. With a clean slate, persistence and faith, it’s possible to start
all over again.

Grasp every opportunity that comes.


Love’s Limit

Love’s Limit

It’s not possible for someone to love another into happiness, nor can
we be loved enough to make us whole. As important as love is, it cannot
solve all our problems or make this world a better place without major,
major assistance from us. Love should be viewed as more like an
important tool to assist us in achieving whatever goal we have set for
ourselves. We must want “it” first, before any love can help. Love is
unable to transform us if we don’t adjust our thinking to facilitate
change. We need to examine whether it’s wise for the bride and groom
to be told that their two lives should become one. It’s probably better
advice that they should be two whole persons who come together for
one common good. If either person in any relationship has nothing but
selfish expectations, there’s not a chance that even love, with all its magic,
will accomplish much.  Bottom line:  if you do not love yourself, love from
another person will never, be enough.


Love or Madness

There is little doubt that being in love, and how we are prepared to
demonstrate it, is beyond the comprehension of many of us. So many
of us fall in love, but so few analyze just what that really means. If we
were not just a little bit touched by madness, would we really allow
another person to see so much of what we keep locked-up in the privacy
of our hearts and heads? Is it reality, when we put another’s needs
ahead of our own, or at least on the same level? We also take our expression
of love much higher and wider than romantic love, as we have the
capacity to love friends, family and God with the same passion and intensity.

You are your own captain as you embark on the sea of love. How much
you give, receive or share is entirely up to you. Be mindful that as
euphoric as love can make you feel, it can just as easily plunge you into
the depths of despair. You are in good company, as you navigate the
risks involved in allowing this “madness in your soul,” called love, to take
hold of you.


New Love

Early love, with all its newness and passion, is one of life’s most
exciting gifts. Those of us who never experience this, have missed a
wonderful part of our emotional development. It takes a brave soul to
become vulnerable enough to build a relationship on truth and trust, as
this calls for a level of exposure few are prepared to endure. Seldom do
two people fall in love at the same time, at the same pace or to the same
depth. The one who has fallen deeper must be comfortable in that
emotional space, as the partner may never be able to get to the same
level. The emotional honesty that this burning love calls for, demands
that we give to another the same level of caring we show ourselves. As
the relationship matures, we wonder at the magic of love that convinces
us that we are safe in an environment where someone else knows us so

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