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We really can’t take it with us when we depart this life. The comment has
often been made in jest, that there are no U-Haul trucks following any funeral
procession. So why then do so many people spend countless dollars on
material things while their souls go hungry for nourishment? One would think
this world is our permanent home and death is not a part of this plan. We
know this for sure, though: we are born, we live, and then we die! So it seems
we should make some sort of preparation for what happens next. Money
certainly does not guarantee happiness, but no doubt it is better to be
miserable with it than without it. It is futile to crave riches, without taking the
time to define what being ‘rich’ means. Being rich is a state of mind. We may
already be rich without realising it, if our definition of rich is not confined to
our financial status. We are already rich if we have health, faith and hope for
our tomorrows.

It is just as possible for you to be joyful with empty pockets, as to be unhappy
with money in the bank. Do not confuse your material life with your spiritual
one – there is no doubt about which is the more enduring of the two. Nurture
the spirit that lives in you with positive thoughts so that all areas of your life
may be enriched. Be appreciative of whatever status you now enjoy; it could
be a lot worse.