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Look Beyond The Cloud

There is no doubt that the presence of light in any aspect of our life is far more uplifting than the presence of darkness. If one views life through dark lenses, even things that are good may be distorted by negativity. Dark clouds are usually perceived as negative and depressing, yet they foretell the advent of rain, which is so vital for sustaining life. Many visually-impaired people attest to the fact that their blindness is responsible for their heightened ability to ‘see,’ using their other senses. Nothing should be viewed as one-dimensional; everything has an up-side.

With hope and positive thinking, you can keep despair and depression at bay.
Make an effort to associate with people or events that assist you to see that
there is light beyond the dark clouds. For things to get better for you, you
have to believe that they will. Belief in a Universal Presence is a wonderful way
to ensure this positive perspective on life.