One way of getting a good look at the different behaviors among people is to be a passenger on a bus traveling long distances from one city to another. Ever since the appearance of the cell phone for mass usage, some of us believe we have the right to expose our private business to anyone within earshot. This look inside the private life of someone may at first seem interesting, but when the exposure is several hours long, and the phone conversation is equally long, one’s interest quickly dissipates. The careless way we handle private information is probably a feature of the time in which we live. Formerly, people in public places just did not share their private stuff. There were at least two reasons for this, private business was just that–private; and the neighbourly concern that their loud conversation may be a disturbance to the people around them.

On one extended bus trip, it seemed that concern for others was the last thing on some people’s mind. There were those who put either their bags or feet on the second seat of the fully booked bus, even though they had paid for only one seat. What was also interesting was the different ways in which passengers seeking seats asked the inconsiderate traveller to remove either their feet or their bags. Some people started conversations with complete strangers that lasted the entire seven-hour trip, while others who sat beside each other did not even share a smile. People–what a wonderful collection of differences


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