Dream 2

We marvel at the success that some people seem to have,regardless of what they attempt to do. We may even secretly envy their “Midas touch” and wonder why life never goes that way for us. Could it be that some of us are more comfortable in a risk-free environment and are not prepared to gamble it for an uncertain success in the future? Blueprints and plans are as necessary for developing dreams, as for any other project.So often, we race headlong into situations without any preparation, research, or the slightest notion of what to do if, and when, trouble comes. It takes dedication, tenacity, as well as a “fire in the belly” to activate the energy and passion we need to do things well.Some of us,however, are capable of doing well only the things that have been prepared for us. These people seem to lack the creative vision and energising passion that make the difference between merely flying and really soaring.Far more hours of planning than dreaming are needed for your dream to become a successful reality.You have to believe in yourdream and yourself. Never underestimate the power of your dream. Remember that no one else will ever share your level of passion or commitment, the dream is yours, not theirs


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