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Good Cheer

It is ironic that so many approach with trepidation,this season of “good cheer”.We use that expression so loosely and hardly ever stop to think what it really means.Like other popular sayings,we throw this ‘Happy Christmas’out to many who are in emotional pain and have little chance of celebrating the season. It would be naive to believe that Christmas has the ability to make us all happy.Even the places of worship have caught on to that concept and have made “Blue Christmas Service” a part of their celebration.This helps to remind those who are lonely and sad that they are not alone.There are others who visit the malls to buy gifts they can’t afford,with the hope that it will make them feel better.Unfortunately,the road to happiness is never guaranteed by external modifications in our lives.We have a much better shot at “good cheer “,if there is peace and contentment within us. Chances are ,if the people around us can sense our happiness,they can believe they can get there too.Each of us walks a different path to life’s goodness.Seek yours and may “good cheer” walk with you.